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Established in 1988


Cliff Robinson


I started work for my father in my spare time for a little extra pocket money making ash and elm stools in his garden shed, before working for myself in 1988.

Lucky enough to be part of the Governments Enterprise Allowance Scheme, where I learnt how to turn wood and transforming my dads idea of stool into a full time business. We soon outgrew the shed and purchased our first showroom on Exchange Road in Lincoln, specialising in making and delivering tables and stools to wholesale and public customers.

Picking up new wholesale customers around Lincolnshire, we started to expand and employing more and more staff - making up to 200 tables a week. Soon moving onto making chairs and other furniture to work alongside the tables, again moving to much larger premises in Bassingham.

Lincoln Oak


Ever expanding we soon moved to Lincoln Enterprise Park, with larger showrooms to show off and produce furniture for retail, through our original website - Our ranges grew and we've been looking for a more central location in Lincoln and in September 2017 moved to our current furniture showroom on Sadler Road.

Since being in our new unit we have noticed other people trading with similar names to ourselves and have decided to take this opportunity to step away from the crowd and rebrand ourselves in this ever-changing market so we can always be know for our quality honesty and reliability and not be confused with any one else!

We are proud to call our new website Lincoln Oak Furniture, which will reflect our comitment to be local and always offer a reliable and honest service with no pressure sales to the Trade and Public as we have set out to do over last 30 years...